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Want to try anime sex? We advise how to do it

09. 03. 2022 Anime sex or also animated sex or hentai. These are all labels for a bit kinky, perverted, maybe even perverted and perverted sex. Want to try it?

How to satisfy a woman?

09. 03. 2022 Dissatisfaction in a relationship sexually leads to its breakdown. And so, above all, men ask how to satisfy a woman? We will advise you.

How to deal with sexual dysfunction

01. 07. 2022 Sexual dysfunction can really mess with our partner's life. What can be done? 

Marriage without sex - how to keep fit?

09. 03. 2022 Especially after a few years of living together, there is a subtle decline sexually. But how to keep fit?

Sex with black girl and sex doll with no inhibitions

01. 07. 2022 Getting intimate with a mulatto or black woman is one of the most common male sexual fantasies. Moreover, there is absolutely no risk of sexually transmitted diseases.

Are you sexless? Keep fit with a realistic sex doll

21. 11. 2021 When a situation arises where you are without a partner, you still need to keep fit. Realistic dolls are a great tool. 

How to fight loneliness?

01. 04. 2022 Recent years have been challenging, especially for people who live alone. How to fight loneliness even with the help of a sex doll?

How to have first sex when you are shy in front of women

21. 11. 2021 We all want to remember our first sexual experience as a moment we mastered. But how to make it happen?

Early ejaculation caused a lot of breakups: how to get out of it?

01. 04. 2022 One of the most common reasons why people break up in the field of sexuality is early ejaculation. How best to deal with it?

Reviving sex in marriage: tips and advice for younger and older couples

21. 11. 2021 The marital stereotype is a killer of a healthy sex life. How do you make it so that even after years you find a stimulus that helps you stay attractive to each other?

You can also enjoy doggy sex with a silicone doll

01. 04. 2022 From behind, doggy style or simply doggy sex is one of the most popular positions ever. Try it with a silicone doll.

The Big Guide to Erotic Toys for Men

21. 11. 2021  Erotic toys for men are a great way to keep fit even if your partner isn't feeling her best or for periods without sex

How to fuck a realistic doll?

01. 04. 2022 Sexual topics are definitely no longer taboo nowadays. So let's talk about how to fuck a sexy realistic doll.

How to deal with loneliness after a breakup

05. 01. 2022 Unfortunately, break-ups are very harsh and full of emotions. Thus, at least one party is affected and has to struggle with the following days. How to cope?

Sex in the water: Can it be experienced with a realistic sex doll?

25. 05. 2022 Is the aquatic environment also suitable for realistic sex dolls with whom you would like to realize your visions of sex in water?

How to delay ejaculation - experience from practice

05. 01. 2022 According to recent statistics, a whole lot of men struggle with premature ejaculation, regardless of their age or experience. How to delay ejaculation?

Sex with an experienced older woman: Kick up your confidence with sex dolls

25. 05. 2022 Each of you would certainly like to try sex with an experienced woman. How about trying it with a sex doll?

Erotic toys for couples: what will liven up your sex?

05. 01. 2022 As hard as it is to believe, even sex play can be a real bore. Which sex toys will perfectly enliven your sex life?

When a girlfriend does not want sex: How to change it and keep in shape?

25. 05. 2022 Sex is a natural part of life. But what to do if your girlfriend doesn't want sex?

Makeup sex dolls or how to take care of the makeup of a doll

05. 01. 2022 Realistic dolls are coming to the forefront and have dominated the list of the most popular sex toys of today for quite some time now. How to makeup sex dolls?

How to improve an erection when there is no woman around to turn you on?

25. 05. 2022 There is still a way to maintain your sexual health and erection perfectly. How to do it?

All sex positions in one place

08. 02. 2022 Sex positions are a broad category that includes many items. But let's start with the alpha omega or such a classic, which is the missionary position.

How to find a mistress?

23. 06. 2022 Extramarital affairs are not uncommon today and are widely resorted to by both men and women. How to find a mistress, even a robotic one?

The best places for sex at home and in the countryside

08. 02. 2022 Do you feel that your relationship with your spouse is really great, but where it's squeaking a bit is on the sexual side? Try new places for sex!

Risk-free sex try with a doll for sex

23. 06. 2022 If you want quality sex without risk, use the services of a sex doll and bypass the troubles lurking all around.

Why do women moan during sex? Can sex dolls do it?

08. 02. 2022 What accompanies virtually all sex? It's a woman's moan. For many men, this sound is very exciting. Can a sex doll moan?

Fucking doll or artificial vagina - which is better?

23. 06. 2022 The intention is clear. Sexual release, letting go of all that energy that's swelling around and around. There are countless methods, but which is the best of them all?

How are sex dolls made?

08. 02. 2022 Sex dolls are in high demand lately. How is such a seductive sex doll made? 

Erotic short story: sex with a realistic sex doll: And yet I got her!

23. 06. 2022 Read a wild erotic short story with sex with a realistic sex doll that will turn you on.

Infidelity in a relationship: How to enjoy and not cheat at the same time?

09. 03. 2022 According to recent statistics, infidelity is one of the most common reasons for relationship breakdown. How to enjoy and not cheat at the same time?

Sexual fantasies or what would men like to experience in bed?

01. 07. 2022 We live a classical life in which we try to behave. But then there's another world. Our own fantasies. Here no one can put any limits on us. What do men most often dream about?

10 Reasons Why You Should Buy Your Own Sex Doll

14. 02. 2020 All humans have their needs. The main one that some do not like to talk about is the need of sexual satisfaction. Lust for sex has been a part of our DNA for thousands of years and will continue to do so. But if you don't have enough sex...

6 proven tips on how to be a better lover

31. 08. 2021 Do you want to be the best lover for your girlfriend, wife or lover? In this article you will learn 6 proven tips on how to do it.

What is TPE material?

31. 01. 2019 Are you wondering what love dolls are made of? Learn what TPE is and what is the difference between silicone sex doll and sex doll from TPE.

Fixed or removable vagina?

30. 01. 2019 During purchase process of a love doll you will surely hesitate to choose a fixed or removable vagina. In this article, we will introduce the advantages and disadvantages of both solutions so you can better decide which one to choose.

How can silicone dolls improve intimate life in marriage

14. 02. 2020 Many people believe that buying a realistic doll is a matter only for single men. This may have once been the case, but nowadays this statement is becoming increasingly far from the truth. Realistic dolls, or Sex Doll, are increasingly being bought by women as well...

How To Remove Stains on Real Doll?

21. 02. 2019 Have you sullied your sex doll with careless treatment or clothing? We have instructions for removing stains from sex dolls using stain remover.

How to transport a realistic doll (for example on holiday)

30. 09. 2021 It is very likely that you want to have sex with a doll in other places than at home. How to transport a realistic doll?

How to care for a silicone doll wig?

14. 02. 2020 Hair is the crown of every woman's beauty - that goes for your Sex Doll too. However, their wigs require extra care compared to human hair. Quality Silicone Dolls are usually equipped with a removable wig that is...

How to store Sex Doll?

03. 03. 2020 Realistic dolls are nowadays an increasingly common erotic aid in many households. They are not only purchased by single men, but more and more often also by women or even couples who want to refresh their sex life. But how to store it?

How to clean a silicone doll after sex?

14. 02. 2020 Have you just experienced moments of fantastic lovemaking and passionate orgasms with your realistic silicone doll? Don't fall asleep, your work is not over yet. To make your silicone mistress last long, it is essential...

What is the range of sex dolls of European appearance?

30. 09. 2021 What is the current supply of attractive realistic dolls for sex that are European in appearance?

Beware of fake sex dolls!

31. 01. 2019 If you've found by our competitor the same love doll looking from a photo but at a considerably lower price, be careful! Thoroughly read this article on how to identify a fake love doll and avoid buying it, which would cost you much more.

Why do men buy silicone dolls?

14. 02. 2020 Proč si muži raději kupují poměrně drahé silikonové panny, namísto randění a sexu s ženskýma? Zde uvedeme citace komentářů uživatelů portálu Dollforum, pro které je již silikonová panna součástí jejich života. Téma bylo...

Real sex dolls from China: which brands make them?

30. 09. 2021 Real sex dolls from China are a total guarantee of quality. Which brand will give you exactly what you are looking for?

Sex Dolls help you boost your self-esteem

03. 03. 2020 Psychologists and mental health experts often say that sex is one of the best ways to overcome anxiety and depression. But most of us can't have sex whenever we need to get rid of anxiety and bad moods, especially when...

Sex with a robotic doll: What can she do better than a classic doll?

28. 10. 2021 Sex with a robotic doll offers complete, absolute freedom in the search for sexual pleasure. What else will you enjoy with her?

Silicone doll or TPE?

21. 02. 2019 When choosing a new virgin, many of you may have a dilemma whether to choose a silicone virgin or a TPE virgin. In this article we want to clarify the properties of both materials used. We will analyze the differences and compare the advantages and disadvantages that silicone and TPE virgins have.

A threesome with a realistic doll will liven up any partner's bed

19. 10. 2021 Many couples who have been living together for many years want to spice up their sex life. What about trying a threesome with a doll for sex?

How is sex with a realistic doll?

03. 03. 2020 Never before in history has it been so easy for a man to enjoy fantastic sex with a partner who totally matches his fantasies and never says no. Quality silicone dolls...

What type of lubricant use?

06. 11. 2019 You will always need a lubricant when will have sex with a silicone and TPE doll, otherwise you can't have sex with her. There are about 4 types of different base lubricants on the market. They are based on oil, silicone and water. All have been developed for contact with human skin, but only one is suitable and gentle for silicone and TPE skin, and it is...

Purchase of the First Silicone Doll: How to Choose?

14. 02. 2020 Purchase of your first Silicone Doll, or TPE Doll, will surely be a major investment for the most. For a quality branded doll to your liking, you will sure have to spend over €1000. The good news is...

Repairing silicone on sex dolls - how to do it?

30. 09. 2021 Damage can occur when using a doll for sex. How difficult is it to repair silicone on sex dolls?

Legs with or without standing?

21. 02. 2019 Do you want to know the difference between standing and non-standing legs? Their advantages and disadvantages? Read this article to find out the answers.

Most purchased sex doll on e-shop

28. 10. 2021 Which sex doll is the most bought on our e-shop

The best sex dolls: which ones are they?

31. 08. 2021 Buying a realistic sex doll is not a cheap affair. That's why it's important to know which dolls are the best and what to choose them by.

Instructions for repairing sex dolls - step by step

31. 08. 2021 We'll give you a practical guide on how to repair your sex doll. Everything is absolutely clear and step by step.

What to look out for when buying a realistic doll from the bazaar?

03. 11. 2021 Hygiene and its overall condition are the key things to consider when buying a doll from the bazaar.

Love Doll Manual

31. 01. 2019 In this article, read how to properly care for your realistic love doll to keep you the longest without scars on the body